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Sales Up For Leading Cheshire Car Company

World famous Cheshire Car Company Bentley Motors have reported a sales increase of 22%. The Cheshire based luxury car manufacturer have stunned the cheshire car sales increasemotor industry with the remarkable news despite the financial troubles throughout the world markets.

Just over 1100 cars were sold in the UK with the rest being sold overseas. Bentley has a strong market in America and China although recently it has also seen an emerging market in Russia, Asia and the Middle East where the car is seen as the ultimate status symbol.

All cars are made in Crewe, Cheshire as they have been for many years. Bentley have a limited range and is rather shrewd when developing new models. This year sees the release of a new GT convertible which is clearly aimed at warmer climates. There isn’t quite enough sunshine in Cheshire to expect record local sales of this particular model.

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