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Buying a used Mini

Buying a Used MiniBuying a used Mini

The Mini although originally introduced in the late 1950s was relaunched by BMW in 2001 after they bought the rights to use the Mini Brand. The new Mini was met with a mixed reception as expected as some people were bitter about what had happened to the brand whilst others were glad that it had been reborn.

The first thing that strikes you when you open the door of a new Mini is the build quality. Make no mistake, this is a BMW and is built to the same standards as their other cars. Sit in the drivers seat and feel the controls, the chunky steering wheel, the big gear knob and silky smooth and positive gear box. For those of you who remember the original Mini you’ll smile at the retro details that have been included in these new models. The large speedometer dominates the Dashboard and sits like a clock in the centre. It really is a joy to sit in.

Which Mini should I buy?

If you are buying used then there were predominantly 4 models for you to consider. If you are considering a late model Mini then your choice of body type increases as the range now includes a convertible, a roadster, a clubman, a countryman and even the club van!  This review however refers to the traditional Mini hatchback produced between 2001 and 2006 which includes the Mini One, the Mini Cooper and the Cooper S. In addition a diesel variant was introduced. In 2006 the next generation Mini was introduced which used a “prince” engine instead of the Tritec engines that were used between 2001 and 2006. In addition some small cosmetic changes were made. Engine production was switched to the UK in an attempt to make the Mini a British built car once again!

The Mini One is available with a 1.4 petrol or diesel engine. It’s a great way to experience a Mini and yet still keep running costs down to a minimum. It’s still offers all the quality that you’d get with any of the range although at times the little 1.4 petrol unit may leave you wanting more especially if you venture out of town often. The diesel variant offers around 70mpg if economy is important to you.

The Mini Cooper has a 1.6 petrol engine, more chrome and a generally sportier look and feel. This in our opinion is the model to go for. It has a great exhaust note and handles like a sports car. Try to go for one that has all the extras, Air conditioning and leather are perhaps the most desirable options and will always help you to get a better price or quicker sale once the time comes to change the car.

The Mini Cooper S has a 1.6 petrol supercharged engine (supercharger was replaced by turbo chargers from 2006) and can be easily identified by it’s menacing looking bonnet scoop and twin exhausts. The Cooper S offers exceptional performance but that supercharger means its a little more thirsty and a few groups higher on the insurance so make sure you compare insurance quotes first!

The Mini was marketed very well by BMW and one of the key points if you ordered one as new was that you could use the option lists to build a totally unique Mini. As a result you’ll find that each Mini you look at will have a different specification. I’d suggest that you make a list of what features you’d like and take if from there. You may have an idea on what your perfect Mini is, close you eyes and visualise it. Personally I like red Minis with a white roof, white mirrors and 18 inch Cooper S wheels, spot lights and some John Cooper badges! Even if you buy a plain Mini then it’s easy to add the graphics of your choice later, Union jack mirrors or a RAF target on the roof, cooper stripes or viper stripes all change the look of the Mini and make it yours. Click here to see a wide range of Mini Styling Options

Our pick of the bunch would be the Mini Cooper. It has superb performance and yet is civilised around town and returns between 40 and 50 mpg depending on how you drive it. The Cooper in our opinion offers all the magic and romance of the racing Minis of old and, the spirit of driving it will make you want to head across into Europe and to Turin to act out your own Italian job.

The price of used Minis vary greatly depending on age, mileage, specification and condition. Most Minis were sold with a service pack so should have regular service records. Check for suspension noise, as sometimes the rear struts can need replacing. Also check for gearbox noise as this can be an expensive fix ( a known fault apparently).


The Mini isn’t the most comfortable car in the world. It’s has a rather stiff suspension set up to give it that sporty feel. It is however a car that oozes charm and personality. It is the type of car that people name, it becomes one of the family like a little cute puppy. It is certainly one of the cars that everyone should own and the new Mini is every bit as iconic as the original Mini from the 1950s. It’s economical, it holds its price well and is truly a joy to own. What are you waiting for?

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