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Buying A Used Car In Warrington

If you’re looking for used cars for sale in Warrington then you’ll be spoilt for choice. Warrington offers not only a wide range of used cars for sale warringtoncars for sale privately but also a healthy number of used cars for sale by dealers.

What is your budget?

If you only have a small budget, under £2000 for example then you will perhaps get better value buying a car privately. Take a look at our cars for sale section to see what’s on offer not only in Warrington but also the rest of Cheshire. Private sellers are often open to a little negotiation on price so don’t be afraid to haggle a little. If you are buying a car privately then you wont get the same protection as you would if you were buying a car from a dealer. Be sure to carry out a HPI check on the car and consider having an inspection. At the very least take a mechanic with you to check everything before handing any cash over.

What type of car are you looking for?

You may have already decided on a specific model. If so then great, do a little research on prices in the area using either ebay motors or Autotrader. Models with higher mileage will generally be cheaper and if mileage doesn’t bother you then you can generally pick up a late model car at a great price.

Typically, main dealers will ask a premium on their cars. You’ll need to make the decision yourself if paying this premium is worth it. Once a car is out of warranty then it really makes no difference whether you buy from a franchised dealer or buy from a second line car dealer.

If you haven’t decided on a model but you have a general idea on the type of car that you want to buy i.e 4wd, estate, convertible etc then take a look at what the various car dealers seem to specialise in. Rix Motors for instance seem to have a huge stock of prestige saloon cars, high end 4x4s such as Range Rovers and BMW X5s and also some used performance models. There are plenty of dealers who specialise in family saloons in Warrington, too many to mention.

If you buy from a dealer then you can generally be assured that the car has been HPI checked and is clear. This means that there will be no outstanding finance on the vehicle and that it hasn’t ever been a written off as a total loss by an insurance company.

Buying a used car should be a fun experience, do your homework, visit some forecourts and test drive some models that interest you. Take into consideration price, running costs, warranty and if you are buying a car on finance then look carefully at the monthly payments and the total amount payable.

Buying a used car in Warrington is easy, you’ve so many cars to choose from. Whether it’s a low mileage sports coupe or an economical family car you’ll find a great choice of used cars for sale in Warrington.


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